Theme : Engage, Enhance and Collaborate

Dr S Raja Sabapathy

Dr Hari Venkatramani
Organizing Chairman

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the APSICON 2024 under the presidency of Dr Hari. The organizing team has chosen Engage, Enhance and Collaborate as the theme of the conference.

As I am writing this, I am thinking of the role of the APSI in the current scenario. A professional body and its leadership have the responsibility to nurture the professional development of its members, protect their interests and make the specialty grow to reach out to the masses who need our services. All these will help the specialty to grow.

A specialty grows with the growth of its younger members. The first word of the theme Engage is directed to our younger members.. APSICON 2024 promises to engage and enthuse them by exposing them to the best in the field. There will be many role models to choose from. You will be able to meet many people who have been just names so far.

The second word of the theme is Enhance. At a time when there is too much noise in the community regarding concerns of encroachment upon our specialty, the best answer is to enhance our skill levels so that at any city or hospital we will be the best in the field. We guarantee that APSICON 2024 will certainly help enhance your skills. Whatever be the level of your seniority, we guarantee that there will be many things for everybody to gain.

The third word is Collaboration. That will be our mantra for future success. We can offer almost every other specialty the ability to achieve better outcomes. They need to know that and we need to be there where it matters. It is not a problem unique to India. APSICON 2024 will provide a platform to present views from around the world as to how they have conquered the problem and we certainly can benefit from the solutions.

Further this APSICON is a joint meeting with BAPRAS. We will have our British colleagues in good number. It is a country which has influenced the growth of our specialty from the early years and we look forward to extend our hospitality to all of them. Contributions from our British colleagues will certainly enhance the scientific content of the meeting.

Finally we offer the traditional warmth and welcome of the Coimbatore Plastic Surgeons and the traditional Ganga Hospitality. Join us from the 10th to 14th of September, 2024. Please come with your family. You will certainly cherish your trip to Coimbatore.

Dr. S Raja Sabapathy

Dr. Hari Venkatramani
Organizing Chairman

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